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What Is Smart Content Profit?

Smart Content Profits is a ground-breaking app that builds WordPress sites on autopilot. Just add in a domain and let our system do the rest. The system will build and set everything up for the WordPress site in minutes and it includes full lifetime WordPress hosting on our own super-fast servers.

Not only will it build the site, but it will also add the content as well! Once the site is set you can instantly add content in a couple of different ways.

Search for the content using our huge database, then add or schedule the post. You can have the site up and running with tons of content in just minutes.

You can also add a keyword in and the system will auto-build the site based on the keyword choice.

It has multiple features including:

  • Build your site and populate via a CSV file
  • Add in RSS feeds
  • Full content database
  • Manage the site directly from the dashboard
  • Lifetime hosting included

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