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What is VidVoice?

VidVoice is Brand New, 2-In-1 A.I Based Technology To Instantly Convert Any Text Into 100% Human-Sounds & Create Stunning Videos In Next 60 Seconds.

When It Comes To Boosting Audience Attention, Nothing Comes Close To The Huge Power Of Videos, PERIOD. 75% Marketers Rate Videos As One Of The Most Essential Part Of Their Marketing Toolkit. By 2022, Online Videos Will Make Up More Than 82% Of All Consumer Internet Traffic. 75% Fortune 500 Companies Use Videos As Their Preferred Marketing Channel. 88% B2B Marketers Rate Video As Primary Reason For Boosting Their Sales & Profits.

Now it’s clear that by overlooking the immense power of videos, you’re digging your own grave. BUT, Here’s The Big Question. Do You Know How To Build High Quality Videos To Grab Audience Attention? Here are some of the major problems you may encounter- Top text to speech conversion tools charge HUGE monthly fees that you can’t afford. Outsourcing the same to freelancers/ third parties is quite EXPENSIVE and tedious process. Learning how to use COMPLEX images to video conversion tools needs tons of time & effort with no guarantee of real results. Crafting engaging videos for your targeted niche can take MONTHS or even years that too if you’re well skilled.

Most of the tools available in the market come with a HEFTY price tag, yet provide only a limited set of features that don’t match your needs. Now That Sounds DEATH SCARY, right? Now, if you too have been struggling with all this & worried about getting your audience hooked with super engaging videos, there’s no point in blaming yourself for it. There are tons of reasons that are beyond your control & you honestly can’t do anything about them. Presenting this ground- breaking technology to you: VidVoice.

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